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  • DUDE!!!, December 24, 2010:
    most charges shut off automaticaly when battery is fully charged
  • Rich, December 26, 2010:
    1 hour is the average.
  • Karen L, December 27, 2010:
    An hour or two should do it. I have what sounds like the same multi-tool. When that charger wears out, you can buy a much better charger that will charge all the slide batteries, from 9.6 to 18v, and it has a light that indicates when charging is done. The chargers they supply with the tool are cheap garbage. Mine lasted a few years and then the wire broke.
  • sandynlily, December 28, 2010:
    newer NIMH batteries can charge in an hour, but older NiCD batteries take 8 hours Being that its a old B&D homeowner tool i would assume its the cheaper nicad type battery. When dealing with batteries, they have something called a "cycle life" which is the number of times it can be charged and discharged before it fails to hold a charge, in the case of Nicd batteries, it is already low, however their cycle life is dramatically shortened by improper charging, When you discharge a NiCD battery part way and recharge it without completely draining it first, you do damage to the battery and shorten its cycle life. NiMH batteries are not as prone to this damage and Lithium batteries show almost no reaction to that kind of charging. Eventually though, all batteries fail to hold a charge, your battery is probably served its life, You have two options, you can buy new batteries for it, or you can go out and buy a whole new drill wince you will find that batteries are 80% of the cost of a drill. If you buy a lithium ion battery system, it will have almost 10 times the cycle life expectency of a nicd battery, and it isnt suceptable to damage from improper charging, in addition, you can recharge those types of packs in 10 minutes. NiMH packs are a inbetween with a better cycle life than nicd types and can be charged in about 1 hour, the cycle life is not as long as a lithium battery though. Your best bet is to thorugh your B&D in the garbage and buy a nice drill, milwalkee makes good drills and so does dewalt
  • miki8705, December 28, 2010:
    about 24 hours.

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